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The Cyber Hunters' Embassy


Welcome to The Cyber Hunters Embassy, where we excel in finding elite Cybersecurity experts with the ideal mix of skills and experience. Are you intrigued? Explore more to satisfy your curiosity! 

The Cyber Hunters Embassy is a niche, passionate team of Executive Search / Talent Sourcers and Recruiters specialising in sourcing highly skilled and experienced Technical Cybersecurity Professionals to work with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies across Australia.   We understand the need for cybersecurity teams that stay ahead of digital attacks, are deeply knowledgeable in global cybersecurity and regulatory frameworks, have expert technical skillsets, and possess the interpersonal soft skills to excel within any business environment.

We take pride in knowing that we make a real difference – by finding individuals who can lead businesses to greater security through their experience; and their ability to implement best-practice cybersecurity and regulatory frameworks.

Our industry experience, expertise, and expansive networks make us the perfect matchmaker between you and your next hire, allowing us to find top talent for competitive success in this rapidly evolving tech market.

Our dedication to quality allows us to seamlessly integrate with your team, sourcing elite candidates who align with your vision.


We understand that the interview process can be daunting, and we're here to support candidates every step of the way.


Our focus is on alignment. We meticulously assess skills, experience, and mindset to ensure candidates meet your requirements and align with your organisation's values and the specific roles we are recruiting for.


We proudly partner with highly innovative and respected companies throughout Australia whose values and ethics align with ours. 

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