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Think like a HACKER to secure your dream job.

Updated: Jun 19

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MINDSET of a Hacker

Before we begin, let's explore the mindset of a Hacker. Their thirst for information is insatiable, and they do not give up easily.

They are adept at uncovering the newest security threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits. To succeed in cybersecurity, one must dedicate time to research, engage with industry professionals, and perhaps even participate (or "hack") in industry gatherings.

Now, let's HUNT

With this insight, let's delve into the strategies to distinguish yourself and land your ideal role! Skip the hasty Google search. Dedicate time to pursue your dream job with candles, aglow, and coffee in hand.

Research is your secret weapon.

Similar to hackers, concentrate on gathering comprehensive information about your target company and potential manager. Delve deeply into social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Absorb their blogs, grasp their values, and pose customised questions during interviews to establish a connection. As you navigate through this abundance of information, recall the insightful words of Brene Brown:

"Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our most accurate measure of courage and the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change."

Embrace your past challenges and honesty about your technical skills to establish trust with employers.

Prepare to make an impact. Network, participate in industry events, and craft a striking online presence. Develop a website or blog to delve into cybersecurity topics and offer insightful perspectives. Engage in local meetups and conferences to network with industry experts who could assist you in securing your ideal job.

And if all else fails, feel free to leverage your social engineering skills to secure an interview.

Always wield your powers for good and avoid the dark side. Your path to becoming a Cybersecurity Superhero starts with networking, research, and embracing vulnerability. Keep at it, and before long, you'll be living your career dream in evolving world of Cybersecurity.

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