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Reframing Your Mindset Post-Redundancy

Facing redundancy can feel like a blow to your professional identity. It's common to experience a loss of confidence and a surge of self-doubt. But remember, redundancy is not a reflection of your abilities or worth.

Rather, it's an opportunity to reframe your mindset and take proactive steps towards a brighter future.


Mindset is all about turning Setbacks into Comebacks

Recently, I watched two close friends in senior C-Suite roles face redundancy during the tech layoffs in January. Witnessing their struggle was heart-wrenching. They spent countless hours at their computers, taking each rejection personally. Anger and a lack of confidence became their constant companions. Every rejection felt like a personal attack. Being ghosted by recruiters or companies only fueled their rage and eroded their self-esteem. It took time, but eventually, they discovered the power of self-care and mindset shifts.

The Power of Self-Care and Focus

Dedicating one hour daily to job searching can help maintain a balanced lifestyle, preventing burnout and allowing time for personal growth. Shifting your Mindset to view this time as an opportunity to invest in you. Use this opportunity to engage in activities you often miss while working. Have kids? Consider taking them to school or picking them up. If the weather is beautiful, treat yourself to a beach day or a hike. Interested in learning new skills? Enrol in a course on Coursera or Udemy and explore something fascinating.

Understand the Process.

When was the last time you actively sought a new role? For many, it's been years. Most candidates are headhunted into their next positions.

Take the time to understand the job search process. Update your CV, refresh your LinkedIn profile, and change your LinkedIn status to "seeking opportunities." Be aware that AI-driven applicant tracking systems play a significant role in hiring. Tailoring your CV for each job application to match keyword requirements can greatly increase your chances of getting noticed.

Research is the key to success. Investigate companies, understand your technical and soft skills, and identify which are transferable. Learn about a company's culture and the career progression of the roles you are interested in.

Investing in these steps will set you on the path to your next career opportunity.

Harnessing Your Network

Encourage reaching out to your network. Seeking help, gaining insights into companies, and rebuilding confidence are crucial. People are often willing to assist, but companies may not excel in candidate care. Don't take rejections personally; they are part of the process.

Practical Steps in Shifting your Mindset for Moving Forward

Strategic Job Searching

  • Allocate Time Wisely: Dedicate specific hours for job searching to avoid burnout.

  • Understand AI Systems: Tailor your CV with relevant keywords to pass through AI filters.

Shifting your Mindset will help you to leverage and engage your network

  • Ask for Help: Reach out to your network for insights and job leads.

  • Rebuild Confidence: Engage in activities that boost your self-esteem and motivate you.

Mindset Shift allows you to make informed decisions

  • Don't Take Rejections Personally: Understand that companies may be overwhelmed and not always manage candidate care well.

  • Two-Way Street Interviews: Remember, interviews are an opportunity for both parties to assess fit. Make decisions based on alignment with your career goals.


Although challenging, redundancy can serve as a gateway to greater opportunities. By prioritising self-care, leveraging your network, and making informed decisions, you can turn setbacks into comebacks.

Join us as we delve into a Blog Series exploring each step required to reframe your redundancy into success. We'll cover navigating AI in Applicant Tracking Systems, acing the interview process, conducting thorough research, and securing the career of your dreams!

Ready to take the next step? Book a call with a Talent Manager today and discover how to transform your redundancy into a launchpad for success.

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