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Don't burn your Professional Reputation - tips on resigning professionally!

Updated: Jun 19

Don't burn your professional reputation,  resign professionally
How to resign professionally

Deciding to leave a job is exciting, and it is essential to think about HOW you resign to ensure you don't destroy your professional reputation.

We understand the thought of resigning has many feeling nervous and a little overwhelmed. Before you share with your team that you have a new job, we suggest you take a few simple steps to ensure you resign professionally.

1 Mindset - Ensure you are 100% committed to your new role!

Please take the time to weigh up your options and ensure you feel comfortable with your decision. Once confirmed, there are a few steps to ensure you resign professionally.

2 Prepare for your resignation, including handling negative responses and counteroffers

Before you make an appointment with your Manager to resign, we always recommend that you prepare and practice for your meeting. When you're clear on your reasons, please spend time with a family member or friend and practice your resignation meeting. Finally, practice handling a counteroffer or responding to a negative response.

3 Organise an official meeting with your Manager

Once you are committed to your decision and prepared your delivery, now is the time to organise a meeting immediately with your Manager.

During the meeting, stay calm and positive and share with your Manager that you are resigning. Thank them for all the opportunities, and confirm your notice period and your final day and date.

Remain confident and be positive when speaking with your Manager.

Thank them for the opportunities you have offered. You have developed new skills, broadened your experience, worked as part of a team, made new friends, and contributed to the company's growth. Check with your Manager, how they would like this to be announced to the team and when.

4 Follow up with an official resignation letter or email confirming your final date

Follow up with a formal resignation letter or an email confirming the date you resign, your notice period and your final date.

5 Remain professional and optimistic about the company throughout your notice period

Before leaving, ensure you complete any outstanding tasks and provide comprehensive training to your successor. Remember to retain a positive attitude throughout your notice period and not speak negatively of the company or its employees.

6 Your colleagues will be part of your professional network for years to come

Maintaining a positive attitude and keeping in touch with your previous colleagues may lead to promising new opportunities in the future.

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