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Discover our curated list of podcasts that will have you prepare interviews like a pro!

Updated: Jun 19


Finding Inspiration in Podcasts

Thankfully, spring has sprung, the sun rises earlier each day, and the weather is warmer. We are a summer household, and getting moving in the mornings is chaotic.

To prepare for the chaos, I relish my early morning walks with our adorable pup. It's my time walking beside the Harbour with the sun rising, the water glistening, and finding inspiration through podcasts!

It's the perfect way to make sure I'm ready for whatever the day throws at me!

In my last post, I delved into the fascinating world of social engineering, a topic that resonates with anyone in sales or seeking career growth. Today, I present to you a curated selection of my favourite podcasts. Whether you're prepping for an interview, eager to enhance your sales skills, or intrigued by social engineering, this list is a goldmine of inspiration.

Curated List of Social Engineering Podcasts

1. The Social-Engineer Podcast: If you're tech-savvy and ready to level up your sales game or conquer interviews, this podcast is tailor-made. With insights into social engineering techniques, it's a surefire way to enhance your success.

2. Hacking Humans: Ranked number one for a reason, this podcast delves deep into social engineering and equips you with the knowledge to protect yourself from scams. Get ready to fortify your defences!

3. Human Factor Security: Success in sales and business development hinges on understanding the importance of cybersecurity. This podcast offers diverse perspectives and highlights the human aspect of staying secure, making it a valuable resource for Sales Executives, Candidates and budding Entrepreneurs alike.

So, if you're seeking inspiration, put on your AirPods, venture out for a walk, and unlock a world of possibilities through social engineering techniques. Prepare for interviews like a pro, supercharge your sales skills, or stay ahead of the game with the latest cybersecurity threats.

What do you do to start your day right? Share with us some of the podcasts that inspire you. 🤗👍️😊⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

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