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Crafting your Cybersecurity Strategy with Australia's "Essential Eight"

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Crafting your Cybersecurity Strategy with Australia's Essential Eight.
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Since 2016, Australia has been making great strides in cybersecurity. With the establishment of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and Joint Cyber Security Centres (JCSCs), the country is committed to safeguarding against cyber threats.

One of their most effective initiatives is the implementation of the "Essential Eight" strategies. Developed by the ACSC, the Essential Eight is a set of foundational strategies designed to protect against a wide range of cyber threats. These strategies are considered the gold standard for cybersecurity and are highly recommended for organisations of all kinds.

So, what are these strategies? Let's dive in:

  • Application Whitelisting: Only approved applications are allowed to run, preventing unauthorized and malicious software.

  • Patch Applications: Regularly update all applications to fix security vulnerabilities.

  • Configure Microsoft Office Macro Settings: Disable macros from office files transmitted via the internet to prevent malware delivery.

  • User Application Hardening: Configure web browsers to block Flash, ads, and Java to reduce the risk of attacks.

  • Restrict Administrative Privileges: Limit admin privileges based on user duties to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Patch Operating Systems: Regularly update operating systems to protect against known vulnerabilities.

  • Multi-factor Authentication: Implement multi-factor authentication for remote access and important actions.

  • Daily Backups: Back up important data, software, and configurations daily to ensure quick recovery.

Cybersecurity Strategy is critical. By following the Essential Eight, organisations can significantly enhance their cybersecurity defences, making it extremely difficult for adversaries to compromise their systems. These strategies have been developed based on extensive analysis of security incidents and vulnerabilities detected by the ACSC in testing Australian government networks.

Protect your organisation with the Essential Eight and stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

As always, stay cybersafe.

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